Antiquarian presents an enchanting selection of fine antiques. are a specialty. Browse through interesting furniture, vintage vessels, and many hidden treasures. On the beautiful west side of Duncans Mills.

Also the home of Floribunda, Lisa’s unbelievably creative flower arranging services!

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Jim & Willies

Tucked away in the corner behind Pig Alley in the Country Stores Courtyard, you will discover a charming little antique shoppe reminiscent of jolly old England called, Jim & Willies. Upon entering, you will be warmly greeted by Jim and the co-owner and village ambassador, Willie, an adorable Bichon Frise dog. Willie …

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Thistledown Antiques

Thistledown Antiques store in Duncans Mills, CA

Purveyors of the curiously collectible and fine antiques, is located facing the beautiful fountain in John Orr’s Gardens. …

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